Leadership Program

The Leadership Program at the McCombs School of Business came to me looking for an updated brochure. They had a concept that they loved: “Don’t leave any holes in your education”, but wanted to create a brochure that gave students more information about the program. Brainstorming with a designer, we came up with a way to keep the McCombs brand standards, but create a truly unique piece that included a die-cut hole in the brochure. We also created an online version to use in emails and an online header to use when any email communications from the Leadership Program are sent out. I used quotes from students and concise content to share what the Leadership Program involves in a quick and relevant way. About a year after the new brochure was created, the program wanted their Web site updated as well. I consulted with the web designer and he came up with a site that had the same look and feel as the brochure to really bring across the Leadership Program’s brand in both print and online.

Leadership Program Postcard (Original version before changes made)

Leadership Program Brochure

Leadership Program Electronic Brochure

Leadership Program Email Header