Texas One Stop

Goal: User testing to determine if navigation was on the right track

Texas One Stop was a new site that UT’s Enrollment Management was building for students with the goal of providing “everything related to registering for classes, financial aid, paying your bill, ordering transcripts and more.”

I worked with Enrollment Management to test the proposed navigation for the site.

Study Objectives

Better understand if the site navigation and architecture was set up in a way that was easy & intuitive for UT students to navigate.

Get overall first impressions of the site design

Uncover how the most important tasks were working for our users, and where there may be friction in the process.

User Test

Main Audience: Current UT Students

Testing Plan

I created this testing plan to test the site prototype

We also asked 25 students to view two different images for the hero image. We knew either image would work and not affect usability, so while most students preferred an illustration of the tower with the number “1” on it the Director ended up choosing the other image of students.


Total users tested: 9 students (also tested with 3 staff members who would use the site to help students with specific information)

Key takeaways

What was confirmed in the test?

Grades should go under “Student Records”

Other changes to consider

Students unsure what “Withdrawal” meant, suggest changing to “Withdrawal from University”

Many were looking for “What I Owe” and some of the other links they get when logging into MyUT, perhaps we need some direct links to the tasks they do most often

User Likes

Important Dates Calendar

Design and Layout

User Dislikes

No dislikes, just some areas that can be fixed with better naming

Memorable Quotes

Really like the “1” on the tower since the site is for One Stop

View the full testing report

Final site

Texas One Stop