Recruiting Insights Project

In 2016 we began a project to figure out how to increase and retain staffing for both Field and Communications medics for Austin-Travis County EMS. We used a tool called Insights to capture information.

My role involved building the website, user testing, and assisting with the synthesis process.

November: Team formed, website built, user testing with medics

View Insights Platform Usability Test Plan

Medics User Testing the Insights Web Platform

December: Field medics and Comm medics provide answers and highlights

Screenshot of Main Insights Page

January: Synthesize insights, define opportunities for change

Synthesizing Insights
post synthesis
Synthesis Continuation: Mapping Insights to Respondents Answers
recruit mapping
Journey Mapping for Recruits
copy of atcems recruitment journey
Final Journey Map for Recruits
areas of opportunity
Areas of opportunity ranked by impact and effort

Recruiting Strategy

We determined there were two strategies for getting the right recruits:

  1. Make the overall candidate pool bigger and screen out the ones that meet our criteria
  2. Signal those who meet our criteria and invest energy on them

With those two strategies in mind, the Recruiting Messaging Project began at the beginning of 2017.